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PWI Video Dashboard for Wowza Streaming Engine

If your business needs a solution to manage its growing video content and streaming infrastructure, then it's likely time to build an enterprise video platform. Figuratively speaking, a "YouTube" similar service is required, deployed on the organization's own servers and under the full control of the company's IT staff. The functionality of such a platform can range from a simple interface for downloading videos and sending links to watch, to a complex system of load distribution between regional nodes, integrated with a centralized user authentication system of the enterprise.

PWI Video Dashboard software is designed to solve almost any video-related application in a corporate environment, whether it is creating a departmental HR television channel, deploying a portal with video instructions closed from the outside world, or live broadcasting a PR service presentation to thousands of users on a local network and in Internet. The application includes components for building scalable streaming systems, delivering media content within the branch network of an enterprise, and monitoring the operation of all system nodes.



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