Development of online video platforms (OVP) and interactive internet video services

Wowza Streaming Engine is primarily software for creating a backend for a website, web service, OTT service, etc. Wowza provides receiving, converting and delivering media streams, but does not provide a user interface for viewing these video streams , systematization of content, image processing. The Wowza Streaming Engine Manager web-based management console is a system administrator’s tool; you cannot use it as an end-user interface. To some extent, the Wowza Player (the web video player that is supplied with Wowza at the moment, but is already being discontinued) can be considered the user interface for viewing the stream, but this is not a self-sufficient system, but a program element for integration into the website.

PWI experts will implement your ideas for creating an online video platform or interactive service. Our experience in the development of middleware software, webinar platforms, services of custom live broadcasts will allow us to implement the system in accordance with the requirements, with maximum quality and meeting agreed deadlines.