Wowza ClearCaster

Unlike other products of the company, Wowza ClearCaster is not a program, but a software and hardware system. Simply put, Wowza ClearCaster is a hardware live encoder in a 1U package for broadcasting to the Internet with an input TV signal via an SDI interface and a cloud control system. In fact, inside the "box" there is Linux and a special version of the Wowza Streaming Engine software, which provides the ability to publish using all popular streaming protocols and transcode the video stream. Only in this case, Wowza cannot be used as a media server for viewing streams by end users. The product is intended for professional use and provides the highest possible quality of video stream processing and broadcasting. An integral part of the product is the Wowza ClearCaster cloud device management and monitoring system. The system allows using a single web interface to download settings and control the operation of several devices located in geographically remote sites.