About PWI

Who we are

PWI is a team of Video Streaming IT experts with deep domain expertise. For over a decade, we’ve helped corporate clients, telecom operators, OTT and IPTV providers, and media companies around the world to empower their businesses. PWI leverages one of the most reliable, scalable, and feature-rich video transmission technology worldwide, Wowza Streaming Engine by Wowza Media Systems, LLC. We take care of licensing, extension modules, custom development, and support. Our team boosts our customers’ multimedia capabilities consistently and cost-effectively. We build CDN (Content Delivery Network) from scratch. We integrate with systems on-premises and in the cloud. We carry out technical project assessments, tailor solutions, and provide robust support together with the manufacturer.

Due to our expertise with Wowza products and years of close collaboration, PWI is a proud Wowza Channel Partner. The manufacturer recommends us as your preferred distributor and authorized Wowza consultant.

Our story

PWI was first established as Wowza’s official partner back in 2012. Shortly afterwards, PWI facilitated a vigorous kick-start of an OTT TV network and the launch of live broadcasting for the Spanish regional television company Televisi? de Catalunya, SA. The benefits of flexibility and functionality of Wowza media server and PWI's state-of-the-art extension products made a major difference. This allowed the telecom company to expand their audience exponentially. Televisi? de Catalunya enriched the ever-growing segment of users with mobile devices.

Rapidly, PWI grew from there. Our team started assisting customers in other industries and different parts of the world. Now, more than 700 customers from the USA, England, Brazil, Spain, India, Italy, Germany and other countries use our products and services.

Why PWI?

There might be a few media server system integrators on the global market, so why partner with PWI?

Fast-go-to-market solutions

PWI knows that time-to-market is your valuable asset. We offer tested ready-to-use modules, so you could unfold a turnkey video streaming solution at a pace you want.

Custom development for Wowza

The PWI team loves a good technological challenge! We pay uttermost attention to research and development. If your business case needs a unique approach, our team can introduce an ad hoc solution for Wowza Streaming Engine and extend its basic capabilities.

Domain expertise: full scope of work

Live video streaming is hard, profound hands-on experience is a must! The PWI team accumulated best practices and deep expertise with Wowza solutions for streaming video on the internet, interactive video services, system administration of Windows and Linux, Java and complementary tech stack, AWS, Google, Azure DevOps, etc. You name it! We can anticipate any implementation and integration curves within various ecosystems and at any given scenario.

Customer support

Here at PWI, collaboration doesn’t stop once you buy a license and install the Wowza software. Our support team with a problem-solving mind is there when you need them.

The trained specialists know everything there is to know about the software. If you need help, they troubleshoot and solve problems within and beyond their domain in a timely manner.

Commitment to our customers

The PWI team pivots around the solid purpose of helping our clients to be on top of things. We always rely on seamless communication, agile workflow, strong management, and proven hands-on experience based on numerous successful projects. While PWI is not the biggest streaming software integrator, we believe we’re the most passionate about going that extra mile to meet our customers’ needs. We understand the importance and responsibility of business projects, that’s why PWI clearly and constructively fulfills its obligations.

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Company info

E-mail: [email protected]