Corporate streaming infrastructure development

Growing effective corporate communication is a crucial issue for enterprises and larger companies with branches all over the country. Video streaming is a present-day powerful way for a company to establish effective communication, engage thousands of employees and maintain sustainability. In turn, development of the corporate video streaming infrastructure solves several important tasks and increases the efficiency of corporate operation in many areas.

Possible scenarios

Broadcast of the head's appeal to the employees

Nothing is a better motivation for employees than holding a broadcast meeting with management of the company. You can use video streaming to communicate the corporate strategy, introduce new products and services and air the management’s appeal to boost morale of the personnel when a crisis strikes. Video broadcasting covers hundreds and thousands of employees. Your staff can message their questions into a live chat and get answers immediately, which is unique in itself.

Regular meetings of department heads and employees stimulate personal involvement and are a mere necessity for the business. This way, employees better understand business objectives and operational processes in the company.

Internal communication

Employees surely face multiple tasks within departments on a horizontal level. Full-fledged messaging and emailing, trying to clarify business nuances, are often less effective for colleagues. A much simpler way is to jump on a video call and talk about the matter face-to-face. Therefore, video streaming is a must for everyday video conferences, meetups of task groups, brainstorming, and discussing an action plan. It’s an easy way to get and keep your people on the same page.

VOD for corporate training

Most large companies harness web portals and video on demand (VOD) to realize their onboarding routine and further training. Human resources and training departments can create and stream educational videos to thousands of employees. They organize training processes, follow video engagement and monitor individual training programs of each member of staff.

Opportunities for better monitoring and quality assurance

Video streaming is no longer limited to business communication. Today, you can enhance monitoring of equipment and staff operation and stay ahead of any mishaps. You can boost up corporate security and staff efficiency by implementing top-notch video monitoring systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, and robots. They stream data to the unified monitoring center for your teams to process, get insights and make informed decisions in real time.

Why do you need corporate streaming infrastructure?

The above and other scenarios are true and effective only if you leverage reliable, scalable and geo-distributed streaming infrastructure. Public content delivery services (CDN) deliver content to any location in the world, but fail when it comes to reducing the load on the communication channels within the corporate data transmission network. Moreover, corporate security standards of most enterprises forbid the use of open Internet communication channels or public content delivery services to transfer any corporate data, including video. In this case, your solution is to develop the company's own IT infrastructure, and the Wowza Streaming Engine software ideally suits the task.

Such infrastructure provides multiple simultaneous live streams of high-quality from geographically distributed offices and production sites of the company. It also enables you to safely store recordings of already conducted broadcasts or create a library of corporate video content.

Developing your own corporate streaming and multimedia content delivery infrastructure allows you to tackle a few critical tasks:

  • Optimize traffic within the system and reduce the load on data channels and service equipment.
  • Redirect some of the flows to nodes deployed in the regions of the company’s divisions. It lets you connect more locations to viewing broadcasts and not force them to receive data from only one data center in the central office.
  • Balance the load between system nodes, if a particular node refuses to provide the required number of connections.
  • Create a fail-safe cluster using a node redundancy scheme. If some nodes fail, the overall system’s performance will not be affected.
  • In real life, that means that you’ll make the head’s appeal addressing thousands of personnel seamless and jitter-free. Consequently, you’ll succeed in achieving the set goals of corporate communication. You’ll handle the load on the system when hundreds of colleagues are trying to access VOD at once and finish their HR training on time. While video conferencing, you are sure to cope with the video traffic growth and bandwidth at any scale with multi-thousand end users.

    These are just a few tasks that the PWI team are best at, employing Wowza Streaming Engine and building the corporate streaming infrastructure from scratch. Your own corporate streaming and multimedia content delivery infrastructure allows you to follow the corporate data protection requirements and stay competitive in the market.

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