A new version of PWI Multilingual streaming Addon for Wowza Streaming Engine module with support for the vMix software live encoder has been released.

2023-09-20 19:06:00

PWI Multilingual streaming Addon - program extension module for the Wowza Streaming Engine streaming server, allowing create live broadcasts with simultaneous translation into several languages, can now be used with vMix v26 encoder. Video and audio tracks are published to the server in a single stream using the SRT protocol, which ensures maximum broadcast quality with minimal latency. Thanks to the ability to receive audio from multiple sources and split audio tracks into separate PIDs of the outgoing SRT stream, which appeared in vMix v26, organizing a multilingual broadcast has become extremely simple. You will find detailed instructions how to perform a multilingual broadcast with vMix and Wowza Streaming Engine in our article Live broadcast with simultaneous translation into several languages using vMix and Wowza Streaming Engine.