Wowza Streaming Engine in the cloud

Wowza Streaming Engine in the cloud is not strictly speaking a separate software product, it is the same Wowza Streaming Engine media server, but supplied with a virtual or hardware server in the cloud infrastructure of one of the world's leading providers: Amazon, Microsoft, Google. This type of delivery allows you to get a streaming broadcasting system located in the required geographical region in just a few minutes. The image of the machine with the Wowza Streaming Engine software installed and configured is immediately available in the provider's marketplace and the user only has to select the server parameters (CPU/GPU, memory, disk, network interface bandwidth).In the simplest scenario, the user will need a minimum of technical knowledge. A more advanced scenario would require creating your own Wowza configuration and saving a machine image. But grandiose opportunities open up - your own content delivery network (CDN) only for the duration of the broadcast.