PWI Video Dashboard product overview.

PWI Video Dashboard - is a software developed to manage live video, media library and corporate media content delivery network (CDN).

The application is designed to solve almost any video-related application in a corporate environment, whether it is the creation of an HR department television channel on the screen of each employee, a closed corporate YouTube with video instructions on production safety, or a live broadcast of a presentation from a PR service that is shown to thousands of users in a local networks and the Internet. The application includes components for building scalable streaming systems, delivering media content within the branch network of an enterprise, and monitoring the operation of all system nodes.

    The main specifications of the software:

  • on-premises solution (not a "cloud" service) c the ability to work without access to the Internet;
  • deployed to servers with Wowza Streaming Engine;
  • does not require installation of Apache, Nginx , MySQL and other additional software;
  • perpetual license ;
  • the option to select the type of license, depending on the required
  • functionality.


  • several ways to upload and organize video files;
  • create a schedule for receiving live video streams;
  • create live broadcast playlists according to the principle of TV broadcasting;
  • create VOD albums with video viewing on the principle of video-on-demand;
  • monitor and collect statistics on the corporate media content delivery network (CDN);
  • create a schedule for broadcasting to external services and public content delivery networks;
  • Integrated video player for embedding in to web pages.

The application supports a scalable streaming infrastructure based on Wowza media servers in an Origin-Edge topology and is integrated with the Wowza Load Balancer load balancing module. A centralized interface is available for obtaining viewing statistics and monitoring the status of media servers.

PWI Video Dashboard web interface.

A panel with a list of available VOD content. Files can be loaded into the system both from the browser and by means of the operating system, or located on a connected network drive.

Screen for downloading MP4 files via browser.

A panel with a list of available Live content. Quality monitor of the received stream is displayed, there is the possibility of previewing before placing the player with the broadcast on the corporate portal.

Interface for generating a TV channel schedule ( live stream ) from files and other live streams. There are several scenarios for using this function:

  • creating an informational TV channel, conducting live broadcasts according to the schedule, with a video screensaver before and after the event;
  • formation of a video stream with signal switching of several IP cameras.

Screen for copying the player code from one video for inserting into the HTML page of the corporate portal.

Screen for copying the player code with several videos (video album) to be inserted into the HTML page of the corporate portal.

A panel with a list of Edge servers and current statistics. All basic data about the state of the system and browsing statistics are available. Historical statistics can be uploaded to a CSV file.