New version of Wowza Streaming Engine™ 4.8.27+5 (build 20240402153452) released

2024-05-03 18:10:00

The main changes in version 4.8.27 relate to an even greater degree of integration of the Wowza Streaming Engine software product and the Wowza Video cloud service. Gradually, it becomes possible to control all the functions of Wowza Video directly through REST API calls provided by the Wowza Streaming Engine installed on-premises. The use of such a hybrid infrastructure from a single vendor carries both the advantages of extremely simple scaling and the risks of complete dependence on this vendor, when the autonomous operation of software installed locally depends on the state of the subscription to the cloud service.

The API and example module ModuleAdMarker look like a very interesting innovation, allowing you to convert SCTE-35 advertising tags of the MPEG-TS transport stream into EXT-X-CUE-IN, EXT-X-CUE-OUT-CONT and EXT-X- tags CUE-OUT in HLS stream. Previously, such functionality could only be achieved through complex stream transformations that required deep knowledge of the Wowza Java API. The HLS stream with ad insertion tags in the m3u8 playlist is supported by many major providers such as Google and Amazon.

Also, in addition to the next portion of Alveo U30 transcoding improvements, this update includes important fixes in the code responsible for generating an HLS stream with CMAF packet format.