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PWI Time-shift streaming Addon for Wowza Streaming Engine

The module allows re-stream original live broadcast with a fixed time delay. Delay is configured in the range from 2sec up to 24h. The module is protocol-agnostic and supports all streaming protocols allowed by Wowza Streaming Engine.

Main scenarios

  • Live TV broadcast across time zones. Usually, this is an OTT service for viewers in time zones different from the broadcaster. For example, live TV shows from Europe and Asia with community viewers in the US. The module makes it possible to stream morning TV shows from the mentioned regions in the morning hours in the US.
  • IP cameras streaming across time zones.
  • Delayed IP cam streaming to public services like YouTube for security reasons.
  • Delayed streams to synchronize processing.

Main features

  • Easy to install and configure.
  • No special video player is required. The stream is delayed on the server side.
  • You can configure delay values for the same source stream to get multiple output streams successively. For example, you can have a live TV broadcast and 5 additional streams delayed for 30min, 3h, 6h, 8h, and 12h respectively.
  • The Time-shift Streaming Addon has been deployed in many international companies for TV channels streaming across time zones.

Technical characteristics

  • The module supports all protocols that Wowza is capable of receiving and streaming with, such as RTMP, HTTP (HLS, DASH), RTP/RTSP (WebRTC), MPEG-TS (SRT).
  • The module uses neither Wowza live nDVR feature, nor the player-side logic.
  • The stream can be played directly from Wowza or published to YouTube, Facebook, any public CDN (Content Delivery Network), etc. using standard Wowza stream target methods.
  • There is a configuration file for static setup and REST API to configure the module promptly.
  • Video stream is cached in memory or recorded to temporary MP4 files. It is erased within a configurable retention period.
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