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PWI Multilingual streaming Addon for Wowza Streaming Engine

The module helps to create live broadcasts with multiple language tracks. It leverages the Apple HLS streaming protocol feature and supports different protocols and methods to publish live streams to Wowza Streaming Engine. Furthermore, it can be used for VOD (video-on-demand) streaming as well.

Main scenarios

  • Ingest multicast or unicast MPEG-TS consists of multiple language tracks in separated PIDs from the broadcaster.
  • Publish stream with multiple language PIDs from live encoder via SRT protocol (ffmpeg, OBS, vMix, vPlay, Makito and other software and hardware live encoders).
  • Transmux separated RTMP streams with video and audio or audio only
  • RTMP streams with translated language audio track in one of the stereo channels (left or right)

Main features

  • The module transmuxes the source stream to the HLS m3u8 playlist with multiple audio tracks. It can be played in any HLS player which is able to switch tracks.
  • The module can record a live stream as an MP4 video file with a single language audio track. It can also stream them as HLS VOD with multiple languages options in the player, similar to a live broadcast mode.

Technical characteristics

  • The module supports the following protocols for input: MPEG-TS SPTS, MPEG-TS MPTS, RTMP, SRT.
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