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We've bought a few years ago a PWI Overlay Tools Addon. I’m using it on our server here, and we enjoy it

Jean-Noël Charollais, Mandarine Media, France

PWI Overlay tools Addon for Wowza Streaming Engine

The module simplifies image and text overlay tasks as transcoder capabilities for Wowza Streaming Engine. The module will help whether you need server time or a news ticker to run over your live video stream. You can add broadcast graphical effects such as snipes, lower thirds or mortises. Text feed is sourced by RDD feed and the graphics are created as HTML pages. The module uses the specified URL to get the data to overlay the video stream.

Main scenarios

  • Add different graphical effects to your live stream
  • Insert static texts or running news ticker bar
  • Show game scoreboard
  • Display server’s time or timer
  • Render an HTML page as overlay dynamic source

Main features

  • XML configuration file per application or per live stream
  • REST API to change the settings
  • REST API to change score and match timers
  • RSS feed support for news ticker
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