Wowza Streaming Engine Addons

Wowza DRM AddOn although it is not an independent functional module, is absolutely indispensable for any digital content provider, as it provides integration of the Wowza Streaming Engine with rights management systems using studio-certified protection technologies: Google Widevine, Apple FairPlay and Microsoft PlayReady. Wowza DRM receives encryption keys from the DRM system key exchange server and encodes the stream on the fly for all types of playback devices. Integration components are available with the main DRM providers: BuyDRM, EZDRM, DRMtoday, Verimatrix. The open Wowza DRM API allows you to independently integrate with any other DRM provider or with your own encryption key exchange system.

More information on all methods of streaming content security can be found on this page."Secure streaming methods in the Wowza Streaming Engine"

Wowza nDVR AddOn allows you to view live stream using additional player options: rewind live video, pause viewing, return to live mode. The function is available only for streaming protocols over HTTP, that is, for HLS, MPEG-DASH, Smooth, HDS. The work of nDVR is based on the principle of a "sliding window" for generation of a playlist, which is supported in the vast majority of web video players, mobile devices, STB and SmartTV. Background recording of a stream on a media server eliminates the need to record and cache a stream on end-user equipment. You can use nDVR to organize an archive of records with the formation of individual MP4 files with a specified time interval..

Wowza Transcoder AddOn Wowza Transcoder provides the ability to change the encoding parameters of the live media stream on the fly. The module decodes incoming video and audio packets and encodes them with the parameters specified in the transcoder template. Conversion of the encoding format is necessary to adapt the stream to the desired playback device, since different streaming technologies can only support a specific set of media codecs. But the most important thing is that the transcoding module is a solution for generating a multi-bitrate video stream adapted to the bandwidth of the Internet connection of each individual user. Wowza Transcoder is only used to convert live streams. For transcoding files, you need to use other software tools not included in the Wowza Streaming Engine installation kit..

A more detailed overview of the features of Wowza Transcoder is available at this link "Media streams transcoding with Wowza Transcoder Addon"

The Wowza Load Balancer  - is an essential component for building a scalable and failover streaming infrastructure. The load balancer is part of the Wowza Streaming Engine and comes with no extra charge. The balancer allows you to distribute user requests for viewing live and vod content between multiple Wowza Streaming Engine servers. When distributing requests, the current load on each server and the established limits for the number of users, the throughput of the server or the hosting can be taken into account. You can also configure user distribution rules based on the viewer's IP address or distribution rules depending on the geographic distance of the subscriber from a Wowza node in a distributed content delivery network spanning several countries. In fact, the balancer module can serve as the core of the content delivery network (CDN) and will allow you to deploy such a network with minimal efforts.

Description of Wowza Dynamic Load Balancing AddOn functionality in our article "Build your own video CDN with Wowza Dynamic Load Balancing AddOn"

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