Wowza Media Systems has acquired Flowplayer

2022-12-05 14:30:00

Wowza Media Systems has acquired Flowplayer, the developer of the HTML5 video player of the same name, one of the most famous and successful software products for viewing videos on a website page.

Following its strategy to move from a media server software developer to a global integrated video streaming platform, Wowza has acquired the rights to Flowplayer by taking over a Scandinavian software firm with offices in Finland and Sweden. Flowplayer will primarily be embedded into the Wowza Video cloud platform and will most likely be available as an embed option for Wowza Streaming Engine users. It should be noted that the option with its own Wowza embed player was already part of the Wowza Streaming Engine media server two years ago, but then they abandoned the further development of the HTML5 video player, deciding to concentrate efforts on improving server-side technologies and preparing for the absorption of one of the leaders among HTML5 video players.

HTML5 video player is a combination of HTML , Java Script and MSE browser API technologies that has become the standard for playing video content on a web page. About 10 HTML5 video players are widely known in the world, among which there are free and commercial products. In addition to the Flowplayer , which is now an integral part of Wowza technologies, we can note:

  • JWplayer
  • Video.js
  • hls.js
  • THEOplayer
  • BitMovin
  • Clappr
  • jPlayer
  • Mediaelement.js
  • dash.js

The pros and cons of each of these products will be discussed in a separate article.