New release of Wowza Streaming Engine - 4.8.21+6 (build 20230125151621)

2023-02-15 18:40:00

This release mainly includes bug fixes, most of which relate to the Wowza Streaming Engine Manager web interface. But there are also some important fixes for errors that lead to problems with the media server performance:

  • Fixed an issue where PushPublish modules were taking too long to return for a failed request.
  • Fixed an issue where network issues caused server crashes.
  • Fixed a bug where RTCP packet logs were overloading the CPU for lengthy streams.

We can also note the return of the Scaler of the transcoder block to the MainConcept library, although in the previous 4.8.20 release the Scaler was replaced by Beamr. It seems that using the Beamr library for image scaling did not justify itself and led to a decrease in performance. At the same time, for Decoder and Encoder transcoding blocks, Beamr remains the main and only option for signal processing without using a graphics accelerator.

Of the new functionality, it may be interesting to support the ETag header when working in HTTP Origin mode.