Wowza Streaming Engine features for streaming from a mobile device

2016-07-30 13:56:00

Not long ago, Wowza Media Systems offered a full range of solutions for organizing streaming from a mobile device: a mobile application - live encoder, Wowza GoCoder for iOS / Android (with the ability to create a proprietary “white label” application) and GoCoder SDK - a set of libraries and API for developing your own mobile application. But all this…. almost, in the past. Starting April 2020, mobile apps and the mobile SDK are no longer offered to new users and are generally end of support in early 2021. This is due to the change in the development strategy of Wowza Media and the decision of the company to focus on the development of its server products: Wowza Streaming Engine and Wowza Cloud and completely abandon the development of client software, not only GoCoder line mobile solutions of the , but also the Wowza Player video player. So, everything is changing, and for real GoCoder users it's time to think about migration, and for new users of the Wowza media server, choose a mobile application vendor.

There are a large number of live coding mobile apps and SDKs on the market. But it looks like the development of many of them was abandoned a few years ago. And the actual choice is not that rich. Let's take a look at some of the current products:

  • Larix Broadcaster mobile application for iOS/Android and Larix Broadcaster SDK development library
  • Telestream Wirecast Go mobile application for iOS
  • Streamaxia Broadcast Me mobile application for iOS/Android OpenSDK development library