Time-shifted broadcasting for Balkaniyum.tv

2012-12-26 00:00:00

26 December 2012 – By applying PWI's ( https://pwi.dev ) system of live broadcasts with the time delay Balkaniyum.tv ( http://www.balkaniyum.tv ) site has launched broadcast of Balkanian TV channels on the Internet with the time zone viewing. The service is targeting to Balkan natives living abroad. Regardless of the continent where the viewer is present now the morning news from his home will stay the morning news. Comfortable viewing of national channels will be an important factor to invite new audiences. The system is implemented as a plug-in extension for Wowza media server ( http://www.wowza.com ) and provides video caching with subsequent publication to the content delivery network provider Content Delivery Network ( CDN). Easy to set up and efficient solution allow to apply a new approach to OTT broadcasting .