Beenius is leveraging software components developed by PWI

2016-08-02 00:00:00

Every OTT provider is in search of software for its platform that allows to build feature reach service with the minimal efforts. Beenius Interactive TV Platform and Wowza Streaming Engine ideally suit these needs. Beenius is a developer of a proven and easily integrated platform for heterogeneous operator environments. It supports IPTV, OTT, and hybrid services with vast number of possibilities to offer TV content anytime, anywhere on every device. Built with the vision of becoming viewers` first choice, Beenius offers to the customers an advanced solution, representing the optimum competitive advantage for their business. It covers all aspects of viewer interactions and provider administrative tasks. Wowza Streaming Engine is a media server for IPTV & OTT operators providing viewers with the best possible video experience. Wowza software makes transcoding and delivery of live and on-demand video simple and economical. But integration of both products was not built in and required custom development efforts until PWI has delivered ready to use software components.

“Beenius is open for integration with any streaming software and PWI’s development initiative allows to launch Beenius/Wowza OTT service practically out of the box” Filip Remskar, the CEO of Beenius said.

"The challenge of launching Beenius Interactive TV Platform and Wowza servers running together with all recording and security options enabled was accepted by PWI, who has developed a set of components simplifying the task", Alexey Ostroumov, the director of PWI Ltd said.

The components allow to build a scalable streaming infrastructure with multiply Wowza origin and edge servers, record TV shows in multiply quality levels (Adaptive Bitrate Streaming) VOD assets, allow DVR with the sliding window the same time and protect streaming with security tokens. Beenius Standard Content Provider RESTfull API specifications was utilized to develop the components.